Specialist Nurse

Who is the Specialist Nurse and what do they do?

Our Specialist Nurse, Lorna, is the central part of our team approach to weight management and is sensitive to the specific needs of patients who are considering surgery.

Lorna meets you at your first free consultation, which lasts about an hour. She asks about you and the problems you've been having with your weight. She also explains the surgical options, helping you to fully understand the risks, benefits and challenges of long-term success. She will also discuss other treatment options in case surgery is not right for you.

If you decide to go for surgery, Lorna will provide continual support, education and treatment before and after the operation. She arranges the initial pre-operative health check and organises all the other appointments and tests that you might require.

She is there on the day of surgery as you are admitted to hospital, and she is often the first person you see in your private room after your weight loss procedure. Following your procedure, along with the dietitian, Lorna helps you plan your diet and follow up appointments for after you've gone home. Lorna is always at the end of the phone to provide ongong advice and support as required, even after you have left the hospital.

You will be see by Lorna about a week after you leave the hospital to check your progress at that stage. She will then continue to monitor your progress at home and provide help and guidance at the first sign of any problems developing.

Over the first 12 months she maintains close contact with you, and arranges ongoing appointments after that to keep you on track for an excellent long term outcome.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have Lorna as such a central part of our weight loss team. She is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicates all her time to helping our patients achieve the best possible outcomes.