We think that our post-operative care and ongoing follow up is one of the best and most attentive in the country.

You are visited daily in hospital by the surgeons and by Lorna, our Specialist Nurse. She will see you several times post operatively to check your progress, and telephone contact is easy through her 24/7 mobile phone “hotline”. This ensures that any post-operative problems, no matter how large or small, can be dealt with promptly.

Follow up appointments will continue over the next 12 months as your eating pattern slowly changes and your weight comes down. If there are any issues that need to be sorted out, you can see any of the team at any time as required. All costs, including any investigations and treatment, are covered by the initial payment for the operation.

A number of information sheets are available to help you manage your diet and other aspects of your new life following weight loss surgery. These are listed below.

Please ask for the ones you want at your next clinic visit. Also please feel free to suggest other topics for leaflets at your consultation.

  • How to manage weight loss following removal of the balloon
  • How to manage your calcium intake
  • How to manage your lifestyle
  • How to manage your fluid allowance
  • How to manage gastric reflux and 'dumping'
  • How to eat to improve iron intake
  • How to manage your protein intake
  • How to manage reduced serving sizes
  • How to eat to improve wound healing
  • How to manage social eating
  • How to manage exercise
  • How to manage pregnancy following weight loss surgery
  • How to manage going back to work
  • How to manage travel and flying
  • Just home and what to expect

After the 12 month follow up period is over we strongly encourage you to continue to see our team at least once or twice per year and an affordable package to cover this will be worked out for you.