Other team members

The Bariatric (weight loss) surgery service involves a lot more that just having an operation, so there are more people than just surgeons. From the first enquiry to the final post-operative result there is a whole team of people, each with a special “discipline” or area of expertise in the management of obesity, to help with different aspects of your care.


One of several from our team of receptionists will be the first friendly face you see as you arrive at your initial appointment. She will take your details and explain the procedure, and remain at your service for any questions that might arise about the whole weight loss surgery process.


Dr Dilip Patel is a very experienced consultant radiologist who heads our team in the radiology department, although you wouldn't expect to meet him until after you have had surgery. He performs the initial Barium study and band-fill 6 weeks after a laparoscopic band operation. He also helps at other times with a variety of imaging techniques if adjustments are required or of there are any post-operative problems. People who have had weight loss surgery elsewhere usually meet Dilip early on, as we often need a series of X-rays right at the start to find out all about what surgery has been done before.


There are several experienced consultant anaesthetists who share the workload of providing the anaesthetics for each operation. They each maintain a special interest in Intensive Care medicine, and so are ideally placed to deal with some of the complex anaesthetic issues that can arise in bariatric patients. Dr Craig Beattie and Dr David Cameron are the lead anaesthetists in this group.