Sleeve gastrectomy

A sleeve gastrectomy involves dividing the stomach vertically from top to bottom, leaving a tube shaped stomach, or “sleeve”. It is performed laparoscopically (by keyhole surgery) and takes around 1 hour to perform. Post-operative stay is usually 1-2 days.

How does the sleeve gastrectomy work?

The size and shape of the new stomach restricts the amount of food you can eat at one sitting. Also, the part of the stomach that is removed produces a hormone that stimulates appetite. So without this you feel less hungry. Finally, the increased rate of emptying from the stomach increases slightly hormones produced in the bowel more distally, and this in turn influence the brain's control of eating.

The gastric sleeve is a relatively new operation and long term results are simply not known. However, the evidence suggests that the sleeve gastrectomy has a similar early weight loss profile to gastric bypass surgery.

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