Duodenal liner sleeve

Marketed as the Endobarrier Gastro-Intestinal linerTM device, this is a short length of ultra-thin plastic tubing that is placed in the duodenum and upper intestine over a length of 60cm. Normally, food in that part of the intestine stimulates a lot of reflexes which control appetite, absorption and insulin production (amongst other things), but the Endobarrier interferes with these reflexes with the effect that eating is reduced and insulin secretion is increased.

It was originally developed as a treatment for type II diabetes, but it also produces significant weight loss. Thus it has become a good treatment option for people with diabetes who are also overweight, especially those who are struggling to maintain good blood sugar-level control with tablets alone.

The actual procedure takes about 45 minutes, and most patients are ready to go home just a few hours later. As it is done by endoscopy, it avoids many of the potential risks and complications of conventional surgery.