Pros and cons of surgery

What are the pros and cons of Weight Loss Surgery?

Every major decision in life involves weighing up the pros and cons.  We've weighed up the major considerations with regards to weight loss surgery for you. 

The 'Pros'


The 'Cons'

More effective vs other treatments for obesity with respect to:

a) losing weight
b) improving life expectancy
c) improving obesity associated illnesses such as;
diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, high cholestrol, arthritis, acid reflux and infertility


Weightloss surgery is a major decision which:

a) carries certain risks
b) requires general anaesthetic
c) requires a hospital stay 

Surgery encourages more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by: 

a) choosing low calorie, nutritious foods
b) allowing more sustained, regular exercise

Surgery requires some major lifestyle changes to be successful:

This includes a complete change in eating behaviour (which some people see as a good thing!)

Losing weight makes people:

a) feel better
b) socialise more
c) generally be more active


Massive weight loss can lead to sagging folds of excess skin:

This may be correctable with plastic surgery which carries further risks and expense


These things have different significance for different people.  At Weight Loss Surgery Scotland we are happy to discuss them in detail and help you come to a decision about whether or not to proceed.