Our patient stories

Our patients’ lives are positively affected in so many ways after being seen by our team. It’s always great to hear what our patients get up to in the weeks, months and years following their treatment, and below are a few things they have said to us:

Madge, sleeve gastrectomy patient

"The care I received was excellent. In particular I valued the straight talking and the fact you gave me your mobile number. I knew I could call you anytime and you meant it."

Madge has shared with us all a detail account of her weight loss surgery journey. Click here to read the full story

Caroline, weight loss surgery patient

"I would just like to add for anyone out there who is considering weight loss surgery that in my personal opinion it has been the best journey I have ever taken and I have never looked back."

Caroline has very kindly shared with us the story of her life and weight loss surgery. Click here to read the full story

Ewan, gastric bypass patient

“Lorna, what can I say but thanks from my heart. Being successful with weight loss surgery takes more than an operation, but when things were difficult you were always happy to help and put me back on track. I am no longer diabetic, and don’t take any pills for high blood pressure. My knees don’t hurt and I have bought a push bike. My wife says I need to act my age. No chance!”

Robin, gastric bypass patient:

“I thought long and hard before having surgery but it has transformed my life. I was told from the outset that this was not an easy option and that I would have to work hard. I am so happy and grateful to the team as they have given me my life back”

Sheila, sleeve gastrectomy patient

“Thank you very much for all your help over the past 6 weeks, especially Christmas weekend. Without you I don’t know what I would have done”

Pauline, sleeve gastrectomy patient

“When I first met you all I was a very sad person; now I am a confident happy person - thank you all"

Ian, gastric band patient

“I can play football with my two young sons and just love my new life”

Robert, gastric bypass patient

"If I'd known I would feel this good a year out from my operation, I would have had it done years ago"

Pearl, sleeve gastrectomy patient

"Lorna and Fred, thank you for your support.  Without it everyone who goes through this op would be lost"

Gillian, gastric band patient

"I was really impressed with the wards, they were very clean & comfortable and the staff were wonderful"

Anne, gastric bypass patient

“I would go to this lot, they are a great team”

Katie, gastric bypass patient

 "Thank you so much for all you dedication, care & attention, you’ve made this so much easier to go through"